[ECOS] ramfs problems

Peter Graf p.graf@itknet.de
Thu Feb 14 03:58:00 GMT 2002

Jonathan Larmour wrote:

>> I experience reproducable loss of several characters when reading files of
>> several kB size from the ramfs. The loss seems not to be connected to
>> storage block size, and repeats every several hundred characters, but not
>> in equal distance. The directories are displayed OK. My target is SH3
>> big-endian. Has anybody experienced similar problems? Thanks.
>Does it work with the "Simple malloc() based implementation"? i.e.

Is was the same with all RAM-Filesystem Options. The character loss problem
has been resolved thanks to Robin. I've posted the success message
yesterday, but it didn't seem to have arrived at the list, so I'll re-post.

What remains is that I can't access RAM-Filesystem and Serial line by
threads with (blocking) highlevel C-Library input functions. Seems a
general problem.

For a workaround, I now read the serial line by lowlevel cyg_io_read() calls.

Thanks, Peter

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