[ECOS] Can't do BOOTP.

Park Jun-Ku hwatk@madang.ajou.ac.kr
Wed Feb 13 17:21:00 GMT 2002

I built redboot.bin and it works correctly.
I succeed in configuring net(ip addr, and etc.) via bootp and downloading via tftp.

Then I built apps that target is 'net'.
and I configured that 
(set the "Use BOOTP/DHCP to initialize 'eth0'?" item and 
reset the "Use full DHCP instead of BOOTP" item)

But, it says 
'BOOTP/DHCP failed on eth0'.

The ESA is same as redboot and so it use same bootp host.

Could anyone help me in this regard ?

Thanks in advance,

Jun-ku Park.

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