[ECOS] About running test programs

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Wed Feb 13 03:25:00 GMT 2002

A Roturier wrote:
> Hi all,
> I used Windows eCos configuration tool 2.08 to complile and link
> the test suite for my Samsung SNDS board successfully.
> To test all the functionalities, each small test file was downloaded
> into DRAM on board through gdb/ICE/JTAG interface. And after test
> file ran to exit, I had to reset board/ICE and re-start gdb all over
> again so next test program could be downloaded and run. And there
> are tens of test programs out there! :p
> I noticed there was a 'Run Tests' choice under 'Tools' menu item in
> configuration tool. But its always grayed even I did complile test
> suite successfully.

Run Tests shouldn't be grayed out any more (perhaps Julian can look as to
why, since this did work before).

However this only is intended to be used with GDB, and you still have to
reset the board manually (only our test farm infrastructure has support for
things like reset controllers to automate this). For use with an ICE you'll
have to write some different scripts to control this than the current
scripts which all assume you are using the GDB remote protocol (when you
see Run Tests working you'll know what I mean).

> BTW, after a test program ran to end, eCos was in an unknown state(is
> this correct?). That's why reset is necessary in my case. So will a
> batch processing of test programs be feasible?

In practice you probably could do a soft reset, e.g. by doing:

maintenance packet r

in GDB before quitting GDB cleanly. However there is a chance the hardware
may not come up right, especially if there had been a failure that screwed
up the board state.

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