[ECOS] access cvs server problem, please advise

Jing Luo Jing@vicom.com
Mon Feb 11 17:58:00 GMT 2002

Now, I can't aceess cvs server.

Last Thursday, I can access.

But today, I tried to login or update cvs source, it returned:

cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@sources.redhat.com:/cvs/ecos login
Logging in to :pserver:anoncvs@sources.redhat.com:2401/cvs/ecos
CVS password:anoncvs

cvs login: failed to open C:\/.cvspass for reading: No such file or
cvs [login aborted]: fatal error: exiting

I can ping sources.redhat.com, but I can't telnet to it.

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At 19:25 06/02/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Pete Barrie wrote:
> > >I just tried it again from my home (not freeserve), and it works fine.
> > >it ever worked before? Can you telnet to sources.redhat.com port 2401?
> > >you ping sources.redhat.com?
>Did you try this? Other ports you could try to see if there is a response:
>21, 22, and 25.
> > Can you telnet to sources.redhat.com port 80?
> > >If so, and you type "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" followed by two returns, does it 
> have
> > >a Via line?
> >

Jonathan, thanks for your time and suggestions. I've got a
solution. My original downloaded CVS client was from
File is:

I deleted this and loaded the Cygwin version through
my Cygwin setup program.
This one works for me.
I'm running Cygwin on Win2000.

Thanks again.


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