[ECOS] building the tools

Jing Luo Jing@vicom.com
Sun Feb 10 14:39:00 GMT 2002


I re-install Cygwin and GNNpro and xscale-elf, the previous problem is gone.

But when I build the tools, there's problem.

Firstly, I can't find the building the tools procedure for Xscale on eCos
web site, so I followed the procedure of build the tools for ARM.

bash-2.05a$ /binutils/binutils-2.10.1/configure --target=xscale-elf
--prefix=/tools \
--exec-prefix=/tools/H-i686-pc-cygwin -v 2>&1 | tee configure.out

[error Message]
Configuring for a i686-pc-cygwin host.
      0 [main] sh 1836 proc_subproc: Couldn't duplicate my handle<0x34> for
pid 118, Win32
 error 6
mv: fatal: Can not load overlay file: psh1a.ovl

press any key to continue...

Can anyone help about this?

I am using win2K + Cygwin 1.3.9.

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