[ECOS] ecosconfig can't find ecos.db

Nick Kalayjian nkalaecos@yahoo.com
Sat Feb 9 11:42:00 GMT 2002

I'm new to linux and ecos and GNU, but having a great time learning.  My
goal is to rid my company of the shacles of VxWorks...

I have the GNU tools installed and build with no errors.   Now I'm working
on building ecos for the edb7xxx target.

The tutorial states that I should make a directory at BASE_DIR/ecos-work.

If I'm in that directory and I type "ecosconfig new edb7xxx", I get an error
that "Component Depository Database /opt/ecos/ecos-1.3.1/ecos-work/ecos.db
does not exist."

For reference, if I echo $ECOS_REPOSITORY I get

My BASE_DIR is /opt/ecos/ecos-1.3.1

If I'm in BASE_DIR/packages and I run ecosconfig new edb7xxx I get no errors
and ecos.ecc is generated.

I'm running on RH7.2 if that matters.

Thanks in advance.

Nick Kalayjian

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