[ECOS] patch for gcc

Jing Luo Jing@vicom.com
Wed Feb 6 15:37:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I tried to follow your instruction to install . After installed patch, I
want to update the timestamp, but it failed.

contrib/egcs_update --touch
[error messages as following]
'contrib' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

And I can't find the 1.3.net from cvs. 

Can someone help me?

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thank you very much for your help. I got everything working as well. Here is
a summary for those who are having problems running on the i386 target:

Get the latest sources. The precompiled redboot.bin available from Red Hat
will not work with recent eCos, and so you will have to build redboot as
well. After creating the configuration file for redboot (ecosconfig new pc
redboot), you will have to import ecosconfig import redboot_FLOPPY.ecm
(ecosconfig import
$ECOS_REPOSITORY/hal/i386/pc/current/misc/redboot_FLOPPY.ecm). My mistake
was to follow
and configuring redboot for booting from ROM. This is accurate for other
platforms, but it doesn't for for booting from floppy on a PC. I am sure
that the directions for building for floppy booting are somewhere in the
documentation; I didn't find them. After that, everything should work as
described in the getting started document.

Once again, thanks


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Here's what I did to make it work :
I'm using win2k professional FYI.
The first thing I did was delete everything... ecos, cygwin, all the files 
and directories in cygwin, every tar.gz and tar.bz2 I downloaded for the 
whole project.

I then redownloaded everything in the exact versions as specified on the 
redhat ecos directions :

binutils 2.10.1
gcc 2.95.2 core and g++ (straight from sources.redhat/ecos)
insight 5.0
The insight patch.
The gcc patch.
The new config tool 1.3.net from ecos.

I installed _every_ package in cygwin, no matter how seemingly unrelated.

Then I followed the exact directions on the ecos "how to build the tools 
page".  Right down to the exact directories specified for builds and 
everything.  I directly cut and pasted from their web page, in the exact 
same order.

Then I installed the 1.3.1 exe distribution.
Then I unzipped the 1.3.net configtool right into the 
Programfiles|RedHAt|ecos|tools|bin directory.
Then I ran their registry update fragment.
Then I cvs'd a fresh brand new copy of the ecos distribution in a directory 
I cp -r *'d everything in there to a directory in cygnus called /devel_ecos.

Then I started configtool 1.3.net and before doing anything I pointed the 
repository to c:/cygwin/devel_ecos.

Then I made a directory c:/TEMP/ecos_build.
I set build|template to i386 pc target and switched the packages to minimal 
and saaved the ecc as c:/TEMP/ecos_build/i386min.ecc.  Then set the build 
(c:/cygwin/tools/H-i386-pc-cygwin/bin) and tools (c:/cygwin/bin) paths and 
said build|library.  This build of minimal tools succeeded and was more of a

test than anything.

then I said file|new, set build|template to i386 pc target and set the 
packages to redboot.  After this I said file|import 

Then I said file|save c:/TEMP/ecos_build/i386redboot.ecc and said 
build|library.  Lo and behold there was a redboot.bin in the 
i386redboot_install/bin directory.  I dd'd the file to the floppy as 
explained in the redboot documentation and it booted up giving me redboot.

I tried to run the tests from a template = i386|default build, but they are 
still referencing the c drive as //c/, and I haven't gotten around to 
figuring out some sort of path mangling to get around this, but I went into 
cygwin and went to my repository directory /devel_ecos/examples.  Changed 
the settings in the makefile for Repository_install (where your libtarget.a 
lives... for me it was something like /cygdrive/c/TEMP/i386default_install 
and build option (uncommented the i386 pc one) and said make at the command 
line.  The examples made and I said gdb helloworld.exe. up pops insight, I 
set the options for target to COM1 38400 and said run.  It downloaded and a 
screen flickered by real quick but when I managed to get it stopped it said 
: "Hello ecos-world...about !@#$ time!".

Ok, I forgot the part where I edited the hello-world source with my own 
little message and !@#$ was something else probably not appropriate for this

forum.  ;)

Now if you've gotten this far this is the most important step : I shut down 
my computer, found a short round glass (some call it a tumbler) placed two 
ice cubes in it followed by about three fingers of Jack Daniels, downed it 
and went to sleep.

I'm not at all sure what the actual problem (or problems) I was having, but 
I originally tried to use gcc-3.0.3 with the newest binutils and insight 
5.1, I later tried to switch to 2.95.2, but it didn't seem to help.  Some 
combination of corruptions of tools and/or repository and/or configtool was 
probably the culprit.

Sorry for the rambling, no complete sentences, poorly punctuated message.

Hope that helps!

-Erik Reikes

>Erik and Michael,
>I am having the same problem (see my post from January 29). I don't think
>that redboot is the problem since I ran older version of eCos (which 
>from other problems) with it. I did try to rebuild the redboot.bin file, 
>it didn't boot at all. I am still looking at this, and I'll keep you posted
>if I find something relevant. Please let me know if you were successful 
>recompiling redboot.
>thank you

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