[ECOS] Strange problem

Erik Reikes ereikes@hotmail.com
Wed Feb 6 09:28:00 GMT 2002

Sounds like a path problem.  When I try to run configure, I usually cd to 
the directory I'll be configuring in (usually something different than the 
source tree.  and say either "./configure" or "/path/configure".  The latter 
being when I will build in a seperate build directory.

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>This is my second mail to the list. The earlier mail with the title
>"Installation problem" sent 4th Feb, is yet to replied. Kindly suggest a
>solution to it.
>There is one more strange issue that i am facing. I have taken a latest 
>check out from CVS for the ecos sources for Linux. Before that i have built 
>the Development tools, for x86 PC target, needed which included :
>1. binutils-2.11
>2. gcc-core-3.0.3
>3. gcc-g++-3.0.3
>4. gdb-5.1.1
>I could successfully set the building environment.
>Then the next task for me was to build the ecos configuration tool 
>environment. When i went to the directory
>/usr/local/ecos/ecos/host/configure --help from bash shell, it says No such 
>file or directory found. I tried all the possible combinations, but none 
>would work. Please advise if i am missing something.
>Awaiting reply
>Best Regards
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