AW: [ECOS] v850-stub with ecos ?

Jonathan Larmour
Tue Feb 5 08:06:00 GMT 2002

"Mauler Karsten (FV/SLM) *" wrote:
> Hi,
> > > So, what must i do, to get a complete image with gdb-stub
> > included which can be burned into the v850 ?
> > This one should have worked. Are you sure you made the option
> > take effect,
> > e.g. by doing "ecosconfig tree"? Describe what you did to set
> > the option.
> Oh, it was my mistake. I use the configtool and setting the "build for
> internal flash" is what i needed. Now i get a object-file which starts at
> 0x0 including the vectors.
> Unfortunately, there are sections (think it must be at 0xfc0000 (RAM)) which
> i can´t transfere to hex, cause the address range mismatch (i must use the
> Green Hills ghexfile util to convert the object to hex, cause objectcopy
> made hexlines only in of 10bytes instead of 20bytes which my stupid
> flashprog expect :-().

Obviously nothing I can do to help you with the conversion, but if you do a
"v850-elf-objdump -h" of the ELF executable you will see that although the
VMA of some of the sections is at 0xfc0000, the LMA (load address) should
still be in ROM (or FLASH) addrs. The only exception is BSS, and you never
load that - it won't be marked with the LOAD flag.

> BTW:
> I use a selfbuild prototype board with a v850SF1 on it. The board   has
> nothing special except some add Flash and SRAM (different addresses to the
> cosmo board). How much will be the afford to setup eCos for our board and
> the v850SF1 CPU ? The SF1 CPU is nearly the same as the SA1 except the
> RAM/Flash layout is a bit different and the i/o registers and irq-vectors
> are shifted.

Do you mean, how much to contract Red Hat to do the board port for you? If
so, mail giving some outline details about your board
and your requirements and someone will be able to talk to you.

Otherwise if you are talking about the effort for yourself, I don't know
off-hand - not _that_ much effort per se, but it's just checking you've
found all the relevant code, and then testing it. It would be the testing
that would be the main component of the work if Red Hat were doing the port
for you for example.

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