[ECOS] RE: [iPAQ] Restore CE (or bootldr) from Redboot?

Hicks, Jamey Jamey.Hicks@compaq.com
Tue Feb 5 07:15:00 GMT 2002


Could you post instructions on installing the Compaq bootldr from
Redboot?  I would strongly prefer that people use the instructions at:


to restore WinCE.  By keeping the Compaq bootldr in flash until the
WinCE restoration has been verified, it enables them to have multiple
chances to restore WinCE.

If you put the instructions on the web (or even in email archive), then
I will link to them from the above instructions.


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> On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 13:46, George Saj wrote:
> > Has anyone attempted to restore WinCE to flash from Redboot?
> > I have a device that I need to test on but at this point it 
> is stuck with the 
> > Redboot loader and the documentation is a bit vague on how 
> it can be removed 
> > <g>. It points to the handhelds.org WinCE restoration 
> pages, which only
> > explains how to flash back from Compaq bootldr(which I have 
> successfully done 
> > before), not Redboot.
> > 
> > I'd like to do this without "bricking" my iPAQ.
> First, let me point out that ecos-discuss@sources.redhat.com 
> is probably
> the best place to ask for advice on RedBoot.
> Which version of RedBoot are you running?  The most recent versions 
> (actually for about a year now) leave the Parrot loader in place.  If 
> you have a CF backup of your WinCE, you can just use that.  
> The way to tell the vintage of your RedBoot is by using the 
> 'fis list' 
> command.  If the RedBoot image is at the address 0x50040000, 
> then you're
> running a new version.  If it is at 0x50000000, then you've 
> got an old 
> version and the Parrot loader has been overwritten with RedBoot.
> Assuming that you can't restore directly from CF, the basic 
> process is 
> to load the WinCE file(s) into RAM and write to the FLASH.  This is 
> probably best done in stages. The original backup process should have 
> created 4 files:
>   flash_00000000.bin
>   flash_00400000.bin
>   flash_00800000.bin
>   flash_00c00000.bin
> Since you'll be overwriting the RedBoot image itself (which executes
> from FLASH/ROM), you'll first need to load a RAM based version and 
> execute the commands from there:
>   RedBoot> load RedBoot.RAM
> This assumes you have the .srec file "RedBoot.RAM" available on TFTP.
> You could also download this same file using X-modem:
>   RedBoot> load -m xm 
> Now start the RAM based RedBoot:
>   RedBoot> go
> You'll get a new prompt.  Now load and copy the FLASH images.  Using
> TFTP, you'd use:
>   RedBoot> load -r -b 0x100000 flash_00400000.bin
>   RedBoot> fis write -f 0x50400000 -b 0x100000 -l 0x00400000
>   RedBoot> load -r -b 0x100000 flash_00800000.bin
>   RedBoot> fis write -f 0x50800000 -b 0x100000 -l 0x00400000
>   RedBoot> load -r -b 0x100000 flash_00c00000.bin
>   RedBoot> fis write -f 0x50c00000 -b 0x100000 -l 0x00400000
> If you're running a recent ROM RedBoot (with Parrot loader intact):
>   RedBoot> load -r -b 0x100000 flash_00000000.bin
>   RedBoot> fis write -f 0x50040000 -b 0x140000 -l 0x003c0000
> If you're running an original ROM RedBoot (with no Parrot loader):
>   RedBoot> load -r -b 0x100000 flash_00000000.bin
>   RedBoot> fis write -f 0x50000000 -b 0x100000 -l 0x00400000
> If you need to load using X-modem, just add "-m xm" to each of the
> "load" commands, e.g.
>   RedBoot> load -m xm -r -b 0x100000
> Good luck.  Let us know if you have questions or problems.
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