[ECOS] RE: SNMP mib2c problem

David Hsu davidhsu@realtek.com.tw
Mon Feb 4 03:34:00 GMT 2002

Dear all,

I found the problem was except to set env. var. to MIBS=ALL, you have to export it (export MIBS), which was described in README-ecos.txt file.

Thanks your time.


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Subject: SNMP mib2c problem

Dear all,

I installed ucd-snmp-4.2.1 in cygwin (v1.3.2) at Win2K platform. When
using mib2c to generate agent template, it will display message
"Couldn't find MIB reference.".

According the README file, I had set environment variables MIBS=ALL,
but it has no use. It will be ok when building some MIBS files (e.g,
interfaces, IP, MIB2..), but it will display above error message even
building EtherLike-MIB.txt(mib2c dot3) or HOST-RESOURCE-MIB.TXT 
(mib2c host).

Could anyone give me some clues?


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