Support for other Ethernet adapters

Gregg C Levine
Sun Feb 3 10:19:00 GMT 2002

Hello from Gregg C Levine normally with Jedi Knight Computers
I am in the process of glomming the sources for eCos from the CVS
storage. However, one thing I noticed on the hardware compatibility
grid. No support for 3COM devices. I use the 3COM family of adapters in
all of my company's computers, including those who are destined for
customers. So, how come? About three years previously we ran some tests,
using a borrowed LAN analysis tool setup, and found that the ones from
Intel, behaved badly. Whereas the 3COM 3C509 behaved very well,
infinitely better then the one from Intel which competed in that niche.
We ran a few more tests last year, with the 3COM 3C905C family,
regarding the same process, and surprisingly enough, the 3COM 3C905C
beat that Intel adapter, hands down. So? Are there any plans afoot for
adding support for this design into the mix? 
Gregg C Levine
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