[ECOS] eCos examples make problem

abccs@x263.net abccs@x263.net
Sat Feb 2 09:46:00 GMT 2002


Thank you for your help.
The build problem is solved today.I reinstall the CygWin for more packages.Maybe it is because of lack some packages.After I reinstalled the CygWin,eCos can be built,but in the CygWin window,the "sed" command rusult have same error.

I have a anthor problem about the eCos examples (Hello).When I run make for the examples program,it said cannt find the "ld".I check the makefile,and set this

PKG_INSTALL_DIR = /e/jjp/ecos/install
Maybe this is a error.I don't know how set it.

XCC = xscale-elf-gcc

I think the linker should be the "xscale_elf_ld" (for iq80310) not the "ld" .

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