[ECOS] How to remove the network part in red-boot?

Roy Chung cscroy@hotmail.com
Mon Dec 30 02:26:00 GMT 2002

I am using the red-boot for xscale-lubbock!!
HOw can i or where should I change the config file in order to diable the 
function of network?
AS I don't have network deivce in my platform, so the following error 
message appear when i first boot the xscale-platform.And it will hang for 
about 10 seconds and then display the Redboot prompt!! I don't want to wait 
for that 10 seconds so decide to cut the network part. Any one can help me?

LAN91C96: Unable to detect device - upper 8 bits = 2525
Can't get BOOTP info - network disabled!

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