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Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Sat Dec 21 11:45:00 GMT 2002

On Sat, 2002-12-21 at 06:54, zhe zhang wrote:
> Sorry to send mail to u directly , my mail server can not send mail to the ecos mail list .

Note: help via the ecos-discuss mailing is free.  Professional
assistance is available from many companies, including my own.
Sorry, but email sent directly to me without a support contract
will be ignored.

> You gave me an helpful response on the mail list , and I worked it out , that is to say , I got a floppy to boot my pc(x86)
> but I found I can not run the executable loaded to the target via serial/xmodem, as below:
> RedBoot> load -v -m xmodem -c 1 -b 0x0007c000
> CAddress offset = 0xfff7c000
> Entry point: 0x0007c00c, address range: 0x0007c000-0x000949a4
> xyzModem - CRC mode, 7535(SOH)/0(STX)/0(CAN) packets, 3 retries
> RedBoot> exec
> ** Error: Illegal command: "exec"
> I read the document and found pc-redboot do not support "exec" . Does it mean that I can not load another RTOS executable to my target by use of redboot ? 

The "exec" command is normally designed for running Linux from RedBoot.
This is not currently implemented for the x86 PC target.

This does not mean that you can't run arbitrary programs from RedBoot.
You can, but some rules will have to be followed.  When you type 'go'
(as below), RedBoot simply hands the CPU over to the program.  That
program must be capable of managing the processor completely.  On the
PC, this may mean switching modes, setting up MMU tables, etc.

> When I tried "go 0x007c000", target reboot .
> Can u give me some advice ? 

Without knowing more about what you are trying to run, I can't
help more than what I've already given.  What sort of program
are you trying to load/run on this device?

If you're interested in contracted help (pay by the hour), this
can certainly be arranged.  If you only want free help, ask on

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