[ECOS] cross development tools on linux

max maxrtos@yahoo.com
Thu Dec 19 12:26:00 GMT 2002

--- Bart Veer <bartv@ecoscentric.com> wrote:
> >>>>> <maxrtos@yahoo.com> writes:
>      > I am going to work on linux enviroment. I
> found that all GNU
>      > tools are confiured for i386 machine. Since
> my target is PC
>      > i386, I would imagine that I can just use
> Linux native GNU
>      > tools (GCC,GDB ..) for cross development. Is
> that right, or
>      > there is something special configured for
> Actually it is the other way around - Linux native
> gcc may be
> specially configured. Specifically, native gcc will
> generally be used
> to build applications linked with glibc, and the
> compiler may make
> assumptions about functionality provided by that
> library. When
> building an embedded eCos application those
> assumptions will not be
> valid.
> To some extent the Linux kernel developers face the
> same problem, and
> this explains in part why there are occasional
> difficulties building
> the Linux kernel with a vanilla native gcc. The
> problems are worse
> with eCos because large parts of eCos are written in
> C++.
> So you might be able to use some versions of the
> native GNU tools for
> embedded x86 eCos targets, but there are no
> guarantees - especially
> with more recent versions of the tools. The
> alternative is to
> configure gcc et al for a target i386-elf. For more
> details, see the
> installation instructions on sources.redhat.com/ecos
> Bart
Thanks for the clarification.

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