[ECOS] Capacity problem?

Daniel Lidsten Daniel.Lidsten@combitechsystems.com
Thu Dec 19 08:06:00 GMT 2002

A more detailed description about how i cause the problem to occur:

1. Flash the SW to the board.
2. Let the board be totally unconnected for 20 min
3. Turn on the power. I can see that the sw starts up and it is wating
for some commands on ethernet. 
4. I issue a ping -n 65000 x.x.x.x And the board says "out of mbufs"
after 2 ping...!
5. I download the exact same code by my BDM to RAM and then disconnects
the BDM. Note that i haven't executed the downloaded code.
6. I dissconnect everything and prepares for a flash boot.
7. I turn on the power and everything works fine - i can download a
heavy amount of data.

How can this happen...? 

> Note: most PowerPC platforms have a special mode for this "ROMRAM".
> You might look at some of them, e.g. the viper, to see how 
> I've done it.

Yes, that's what i'm using.

> Are you telling eCos to run from RAM?


> Also, note that I changed how caches were initialized on PowerPC
> platforms on April 11.  Before that, I don't think that RAM startup
> would have explicitly enabled any caches.  This is possibly a
> difference between your FLASH/RAM and BDI/RAM sequences.

I have turned my caches on (and no writethrough). However, note that i
use the exace same code for ram download and flash startup. The only
thing that differ is the copying of the code from whereever the code is
located, to ram start.

Regards, Daniel

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