[ECOS] Capacity problem?

Daniel Lidsten Daniel.Lidsten@combitechsystems.com
Thu Dec 19 07:08:00 GMT 2002

I short clarification that i missed in the first email: 
When starting from flash then i copy all code to RAM and resume
execution there. By doing this i can startup an image almost everywhere
in the memory and then make it copy itself to RAM 0x0->.

Since i execute in RAM (even with flash startup) then i don't have any
problems due to slow execution but maybe my CPU needs a special setup
when executing from flash??
> Also, on the MPC8xx, you might want to tune the number of 
> data buffers.  The defaults I put in are very conservative 
> and could easily be swamped.

Yepp, i changed from 4 to 16 a while back.

Is there anyone that has changed the startup files (vectors.S or the
board specific file like mbx.S) to setup some special registers ?? Maybe
i have missed some....?

Any other ideas?

Regards, Daniel

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