[ECOS] Interrupt Handler Routine

Lin Ming minglin@atmel.com
Thu Dec 19 02:45:00 GMT 2002

Thank you Andrew for your reply!
I have found some code I can use in dev/ about serial interrupt handler.

One thing I am wondering: If I have to write my own UART interrupt routines
or there is some existed ecos api functions I can use?

I am using cyg_hal_plf_serial_xxx() functions now. But they don't seem to be 
interrupt handler routines. I have some troubles when using them to access a 
GPS module.

Thanks a lot!! 

Best Regards,				 
Lin Ming

======= 2002-12-19 11:28:00 YOU WROTE:=======

>On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 06:20:50PM +0800, Lin Ming wrote:
>> Hi, All,
>> Anybody can provide some code examples to show me how to write interrupt 
>> handler routines in ecos using cyg_interrupt_xxx() funtions? That's would
>> be greatly helpful!
>> Thanks a lot!!
>Have a look at the serial drivers and the Ethernet drives. Most of
>them use interrupts.
>What sort of device are you trying to interact with? Knowing that we
>may be able to point you towards a better example.
>    Andrew

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