[ECOS] New ARM core port

Patrick Doyle wpd@delcomsys.com
Wed Dec 18 12:09:00 GMT 2002

I am looking for some advice for the directory structure of my new ARM-core
port.  I am porting eCos to Texas Instrument's new family of OMAP devices.
These devices have an ARM9 core plus a DSP core in the same package.  For my
first pass, I simply added my development board to the arm/arm9 HAL tree.
Now that I have a second development board, I am about to create a new tree
and clean up/discard the old one.

My first inclination is to create a separate omap tree, i.e. arm/omap,
create an arm/omap/var directory, and other directories for each board under
arm/omap, since that is what I see now.  OTOH, when we did our '8260 port,
we simply created both the 8260 variant and the platform hal directly in the
powerpc tree.  OTOH, there are no variant HALS listed under hal/arm, just
subdirectories with specific variants in them.

So, going forward, which model would you prefer to see followed in the arm
tree: the arm model or the powerpc model?


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