[ECOS] Problem with mbufs...

M.PREM KUMAR prem@cdotb.ernet.in
Wed Dec 18 03:46:00 GMT 2002

 Hi all,

	I am running ping program on our card (Uses MPC860 as base
processor). When trying to send more pings, there is a warning of
"eth_recv out of Mbufs" and I am not able to send further pings. Ethernet
driver is calling eth_drv_tx_done() properly for freeing resources (in
this case

I want to give a try by increasing amount of Mbufs. Can anyone tell how
to increase the amount of MBufs. Further, if anyone already had a similar
problem,  provide with the necessary information to solve. 

Thanks in advance
        M.Prem Kumar
	IVRS Group
	Switching Division
	Centre For Development of Telematics
	71/1,Sneha Complex,
	Millers Road
	Bangalore-560 052
	Ph. 080-2250009 (Direct)             prem@cdotb.ernet.in
	    080-2263399 (Ext.382)	     pmoluguri@rediffmail.com	

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