[ECOS] Serial interrupts on the AEB

Gary Thomas gthomas@ecoscentric.com
Thu Dec 12 15:09:00 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 15:58, Gareth . wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having some trouble getting the serial port to set off an interrupt on 
> the ARM evaluator board. I have successfuly got the interrupt button on the 
> board to set off an interrupt and have appled the same stratergy to the 
> serial port. To get the button to interrupt I used :
> cyg_interrupt_creat(CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_EXT0, 0, 0, &button_isr, 
> &button_dsr, &button_isr_handle, &intr);
> cyg_interrupt_attatch(button_isr_handle);
> cyg_interrupt_enable();
> Now every time the button is pressed the function button_isr is called.
> To get the serial interrupt working I did :
> cyg_interrupt_creat(CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_UART0, 0, 0, &serial_isr, 
> &serial_dsr, &serial_isr_handle, &intr);
> cyg_interrupt_attatch(serial_isr_handle);
> But now nothing happens when data is sent to the serial port. I am thinking 
> global interrupts must be enabled or else the interrupt button would not 
> work. Is it possible interrupts on the uart are not enabled? I do not think 
> this is the case because I can get data from the serial line using scanf so 
> the port must be configured properly.
> Can anyone offer any advice?

Have you looked at the serial device driver for the AEB?  It uses
interrupts and works just fine.

BTW - why not just use the serial device driver?

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