Schumacher, Gordon gordon_schumacher@maxtor.com
Wed Dec 11 11:41:00 GMT 2002

I've run into a compile-time error while trying to build my current
configuration.  I've started with the RedBoot template, removed DNS support,
and added ISO C strings, internationalization, startup/termination, I/O, and
general utility functions; and added the I/O subsystem, serial drivers,
common error code support, and the kernel (as required by the I/O

When I try and build this, I get the following:

/ecos-j/FIT4fw/GPMM-RB_install/include/stdlib.h: In function `void abort()':
/ecos-j/FIT4fw/GPMM-RB_install/include/stdlib.h:261: parse error before `;'
/ecos-j/FIT4fw/GPMM-RB_install/include/stdlib.h:261: ANSI C++ forbids
declaration `CYGBLD_ATTRIB_NORET' with no type
/ecos-j/FIT4fw/GPMM-RB_install/include/stdlib.h:261: confused by earlier
errors, bailing out

Have I failed to add something required?  I'd try this with a standard
template, but there doesn't appear to be one that includes both the ISO
stuff and RedBoot.

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