[ECOS] cross development tools on linux

Bart Veer bartv@ecoscentric.com
Wed Dec 11 11:29:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> <maxrtos@yahoo.com> writes:

     > I am going to work on linux enviroment. I found that all GNU
     > tools are confiured for i386 machine. Since my target is PC
     > i386, I would imagine that I can just use Linux native GNU
     > tools (GCC,GDB ..) for cross development. Is that right, or
     > there is something special configured for ECOS?

Actually it is the other way around - Linux native gcc may be
specially configured. Specifically, native gcc will generally be used
to build applications linked with glibc, and the compiler may make
assumptions about functionality provided by that library. When
building an embedded eCos application those assumptions will not be

To some extent the Linux kernel developers face the same problem, and
this explains in part why there are occasional difficulties building
the Linux kernel with a vanilla native gcc. The problems are worse
with eCos because large parts of eCos are written in C++.

So you might be able to use some versions of the native GNU tools for
embedded x86 eCos targets, but there are no guarantees - especially
with more recent versions of the tools. The alternative is to
configure gcc et al for a target i386-elf. For more details, see the
installation instructions on sources.redhat.com/ecos


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