[ECOS] General query on eCos and GNUPro Toolkit

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Tue Dec 10 22:25:00 GMT 2002


This is a humble request to you all.We are newbies in GNU and eCos but, have exposure to RTOS and ARM programing.We have developed a board with Atmel Arm(AT91R40807) taking EB40 as a refrence.

We have to port eCos on to this board.We have net version of ecos 1.3.1(eCos 131.exe) and cygwin (setup ver are the additional tools required.If you can provide us with some links it would be very useful.We are going through the documents provided with eCos,but most of the links seems to be outdated.

What is the role of GNUPro Tools?Is it required for eCos application development on arm?Where you can get a downloadable version of that?Also where you can have the source code of EB40 port of eCos,so that we can use it as a reference.
Anticipating a quick reply

NTIL Engg.

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