[ECOS] BlueZ with ecos?

harri.siirtola@vtt.fi harri.siirtola@vtt.fi
Tue Dec 10 09:22:00 GMT 2002

Thanks for all replies! Very useful information.

At 17:37 10.12.2002 +0100, Lars Viklund wrote:

One alternative is the Axis Open BT stack 
(http://developer.axis.com/software/bluetooth/). It is licensed under GPL 
with an exception that allows linking with proprietary aplications, i.e. 
quite similar to the new eCos license.

Actually, I've been using Axis in our experimental projects. The thing I 
forgot to mention is, I'm working on an embedded system (ARM board, our own 
design). Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the Axis stack developed on 
Linux only nowadays? Or can it be run on "embedded eCos" like the WOSP demo 
project by Combitech Systems/Andreas Karlsson? I got the idea of using Axis 
from that project and have made quite a few improvements to that version.


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