[ECOS] BlueZ with ecos?

Peter Vandenabeele peter.vandenabeele@mind.be
Mon Dec 9 13:43:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 02:13:30PM +0200, harri.siirtola@vtt.fi wrote:
> Has anyone tried to port this Bluetooth stack to run on ecos? I don't know 
> much about BlueZ yet, it's based on Linux AFAIK so it could require quite 
> an amount of porting.


>From http://bluez.sourceforge.net/download/debian/woody/Packages

>> Description: Library to use the BlueZ Linux Bluetooth stack
>> BlueZ is the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack. It is an Open Source
>> project distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).

This means you are not allowed to import this into eCos and then
distribute the combined program (the whole work) under the eCos 2.0 
license. You would be allowed to relicense the whole work under
GPL (since eCos 2.0 is GPL compatible), but then you would have to
also redistribute eCos and your entire "eCos application" (which is
linked to eCos as a library) under the GPL license, which is 
maybe not what you want to do. 

This is a deliberate effect of the viral license of GPL that 
want to enforce other users of GPL licensed software to also
"in return" license their code under a Free SW license with 
strong Copyleft. 

If you cannot accept that limitation, than you may need to 
look for another Bluetooth stack that is either available from 
a Closed source vendor or under BSD (or eCos 2.0 license if 
that would be the case) or have someone write it from scratch.



> Thanks for any info,
> 	Harri

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