[ECOS] Cross compiler Help

Sergio Duarte e Silva silva@MLaP.de
Mon Dec 9 09:52:00 GMT 2002


I am trying to use eCOS since two months ago, I refered for all
documentation and I already asked here for help also, and I just cant run it
on my system. I am trying to test the MPC555 port. I am using Windows 2000
and I am trying to run eCOS under Cygwin, but I cant compile the gcc, the
binutil and the gdb, I am always having the same error, I dont have CC
installed and it is not possible to compile anything. Does anyone here
already worked with Windows 2000 and Cygwin? Wich versions should I use? I
tried always the last version. Does anyone here knows how to solve this
problem "cc not found"?
Thanks a lot

Best regards,


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