[ECOS] ioctl failure with LANCEPCI

Magnus Ekhall koma@lysator.liu.se
Fri Dec 6 03:55:00 GMT 2002

>Take a look at the <http://www.vsr.si/ecos>. As for the current version of
>eCos, the lancepci device works only in pooled environment, that means
>RedBoot. In interrupt driven environment any control function can stop the
>device aburptly, while in stage of transmittion, causing it to HANG!
>I'll fix that during the Christmass hollydays, when I have time.

Hi Iztok, I think you are right. (After all, you wrote the driver.)
I use the driver both in RedBoot (to connecto to GDB and download the 
software), and in the eCos itself. It is when eCos tries to run ioctl that 
it completely hangs.
It is very nice that you will spend some time fixing this. I wish I had the 
knowledge to help you.

There is no simple workaround, is there?


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