[ECOS] RHEPL, GPL and modification

Robert Vojta robert@v0jta.net
Thu Dec 5 15:50:00 GMT 2002

  I'm still trying eCos and reading as many as possible articles about
it. I have successfully running eCos on my MPC 565, nice work, thank you Bob.
  But I've another problem. Licence was RHEPL and now is "modified"
GPL. I found this text on WWW pages ...

eCos v2.0 includes a change to the licence from the RHEPL to the GPL with
a modification that makes it more suitable for embedded systems.

 ... and I'm not able find the GPL modification which makes it more suitable
for embedded systems. Can I still produce commercial application based on eCos
and distribute it without source code or when ecos is under "modified GPL"
I can't? What the modification exactly is?

Thank you very much,
have a nice day,

        Robert V0jta
Linux/UNIX specialist, programmer

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