[ECOS] redboot, eb40a and the cross-compiler

Konstantin Kletschke konsti@ludenkalle.de
Thu Dec 5 05:21:00 GMT 2002

Hi There!

I recently asked, if anybody has experienced a similair Problem getting
redboot to run on an Atmel EB40_A_ eval kit.

My redboot Image seems to run, reacts when I press the Enter key on a
serial console but is displaying only a line of garbage.

My question is, can this be caused by a wrong build cross compiler? But
if it is the case, why is it running anyway? Starting it in arm-elf-gdb
with c causes no error messages.
Which versions of the toolchain are approved to work?

Are binutils-2.13 and gcc-3.2.1 too new?
I am to stupid to build an 2.95.3 cross compiler, I am not able to come
along with the error messages of the build process...

And have I understand correctly, that an libc (i.e. the uClibc) is
required to compile the c++ cross compiler (submittet to the configure
process with --with-headers=/usr/local/arm-linux-uClibc/include and

For now I am trying to build the native compiler for my own, instead of
using the debian package, may be that helps me to cope with the build

regards, Konsti

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