[ECOS] write own template for ecosconfig

Bart Veer bartv@ecoscentric.com
Tue Dec 3 15:59:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Tim" == =?iso-8859-1?Q?Tim H=F6lters?= <iso-8859-1> writes:

    Tim> to build eCos I use "ecosconfig" under cygwin. There are some
    Tim> templates available, e.g. : "all" or "stubs" . Now I want to
    Tim> write my own template, is it possible? How it works?

Theoretically yes, but there is no documentation for this. Essentially
a template is just a cut-down ecos.ecc file, as can be generated using
e.g. "ecosconfig export". One way to create a new template would be to
create the configuration you want, using ecosconfig as normal, and
export it. Then you need to edit the export file to contain only those
packages and configuration options that you want in the template.
Typically this means removing all hardware-specific packages, plus any
options in those packages which have non-default values (if any). You
may also want to change the name of the configuration and its
description. The eCos User's Guide has some documentation on the
format of eCos save files and how to edit them, which may prove
useful. Next, create a new directory in packages/templates and place
your template file there, like the existing templates. ecosconfig
should then be able to find the new template.

Alternatively, given the documentation on eCos save files you should
be able to create a new template by copying an existing one and then
editing it as appropriate. In practise that is how the existing
templates were developed.


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