[ECOS] hal_zero_bss() question?

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Mon Dec 2 03:12:00 GMT 2002

"Qiang Huang" <jameshq@liverpool.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi all:
>    Is this function used hal_zero_bss( ) for zero bss section, does this
> includes the static variable     static Cyg_Interrupt* volatile
> dsr_list[CYGNUM_KERNEL_CPU_MAX]  ??

It zeros all global variables that are in the BSS. These are generally
variables that have no initializers. Since dsr_list[] has no
initializers, it will be in the BSS.

> Is dsr_list[] should be zero are when
> starting up?

Yes of course. What makes you think it shouldn't be?

Nick Garnett - eCos Kernel Architect

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