SV: [ECOS] Newbie needs help for Goahead webserver to eCos

Patrick Doyle
Tue Oct 30 06:13:00 GMT 2001

> >
> > > I had tried to compile and build the Goahead webserver v.
> 2.1, to an eCos platform. But I run into some problems.
> >
> > GCC 3.x? Add -lsupc++ to the link flags.
> You'll need to recompile gcc and include a build of libstdc++. You'll need
> to use newlib to do this be warned. Search the list archives, I've
> described how to do this before.

Just out of curiosity, and for future reference, can anybody give us newbies
a hint on searching the archives for things like GCC 3.x?  I just plugged
"GCC 3.x" in as the search parameter and was presented with 1541 matches for
'gcc and 3 and x', including every post that had "i386-elf-gcc" somewhere in

Note that, in this particular case, I am not personally looking for jifl's
post about building libstdc++, I would just like to learn how to use the
search engine more effectively so as to reduce the number of questions I

Thanks for any pointers...

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