[ECOS] tftp downloading.

Gangadhar Singh gangadhar@deccanetworld.com
Mon Oct 22 04:11:00 GMT 2001

hi jifl,
       We were able to download Image and also execute using GDB for pc

 We were not able to the download using tftp but were able to the same using
raw option  provide in the load command .Then we invoked GO commands.
The system seem to Hang Up.
Please , Give your input to proceed further.


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> hi jifl,
>     Thanks for your comments on using std library.
> For Ur query
>   Que 1) Also the final exit from the main code is not happening in the
> normal way.
>     Its going into infinite loop.
> What do you expect it to do?
>  Ans : When we press ctrl c we are not getting the control back to the gdb
> and
> The target system should be restarted again to start again.
> 2 Que )  When we put break points for debugging ,
>    we get following mesg "hal_arch_default_isr:32 ( data:0)" for every
> single / next step execution.
> How do we avoid this display on the console running gdb .
> Also printf is not printing "Hello world ". Do we need to attached a
> i/o
> terminal to the target machine to get the message displayed.
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Singh

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