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Warren Jasper Warren.Jasper@bops.com
Tue Oct 16 09:59:00 GMT 2001

I posted a similar question a few weeks ago.  I believe the problem is NOT
in the linker scripts.  When I tried to run the "hello world"
program from ROM (that worked correctly from RAM via gdb),
I could not get the UARTS to work correctly.  I even changed
printf to diag_printf, but that did not help.  I tried
just reading/writing to memory, and that works great, so
large parts of the startup is working correctly, only
the serial I/O is not. I have a custom board that is VERY
similar to the brutus/assabet ports.

If anybody has actually tested the "hello world" program
to run out of ROM, I sure would like to know what you configured in
the .ecc file and any other files to get it to work.


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I found the following message about running "hello
world" from ROM.  

Can anybody tell me what is MLT?  Where can I find
more information?  Why jflsh hello.bin to Assabet
doesn't work.  Thank you for your help.

> Tue, 09 Oct 2001 20:56:59 +0100 
> You need to make new MLT files (.ldi and .h at
least) > for your ROM.
> Do a grep for CYG_HAL_STARTUP in the assabet and 
> brutus HALs to see what
> else is affected by the startup type.
> Jifl

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