[ECOS] About TCP/IP for ARM E7T

Chris Garry cgarry@mail.portland.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 06:19:00 GMT 2001

It is not just the network connector that is missing, the ARM E7T
requires a complete Ethernet PHY before it can be used.  Does
anybody know if somebody makes a small daughter-board for the E7T
with the PHY and connector so that the network interface provided
by the Samsung processor may be used?


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> >>>>> "HuangQiang" == HuangQiang  <jameshq@liverpool.ac.uk> writes:
> HuangQiang> Hi all: Does the TCP/IP stack in eCOS support the ARM E7T
> HuangQiang> board?  Thanks
> No. The one on my desk does not have the necessary connector. But it's
> definitely possible to add the support.
> JEsper

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