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Sunil Mohan Savanur sunil.savanur@wipro.com
Tue Oct 9 03:47:00 GMT 2001


We are also facing bind() error : as "can't assign requested address"
This error is with ecos1.3.1

We are trying to download anoncvs version of ecos using cvs client
which is not in firewall...but still we can not access the cvs.

We could enter anoncvs passwd successfully, still we get error as
"cvs[login aborted]:connect to sources.redhat.com:2401 failed: No route to host"

Is there any other way of getting this version? (may be zipped version over

We do not want continuous updates of ecos as of now.
Please let us know how to get anoncvs version.

Thanks & regards

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> Prashant Ghanekar wrote:
> >
> > Hi Jonathan,
> > I have got tcpip stack for 1.4 version and I am using it with ECOS
> > 1.3.1.
> > I couldn't get ECOS 1.4 on anonymous CVS can you help me in that.
> > Buy the way I could manage to bind the socket listen on it and other
> > calls are thru
> > Still there is mismatch, so I want to get matching versions of ECOS and
> > TCPIP stack.
> Yes you should use matching versions. You'll have to give more information
> about why you can't an updated eCos through anonymous CVS.
> Jifl
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