[ECOS] redboot - eCos question

Dmitry Ryzhkov rdim_outside@softhome.net
Mon Oct 1 12:15:00 GMT 2001

Hi All,

Sorry for (may be) stuppied question, but it is my first try with eCos...

I've downloaded redboot for x86 (redboot.bin, ~56k) and I'm trying to 
communicate with it from another (host) PC via minicom.

RedBoot presents himself through both videcard and com port, but understands 
commands only from keyboard. As well as do not say on COM anything except 
initial message, but uses videout instead. Of course, as result I can't load 
nothing because it sends CCCCC$$... to videout instead of COM port...

It looks like it forgot about COMs just after startup...

May be you can help me with it? How to tell him that I wand to send commands 
and data (load -r -m xMODEM ...) through com port? Because I can't type my 
code on keyboard... :)

Many thanks in advance!

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