[ECOS] Compiling redboot for Neponset

srijon srijon@innvo.com
Thu Nov 29 18:55:00 GMT 2001

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> Gokhan Tanyeri wrote:
> >
> > Is ther any differences between the -linux and -elf one? or is it just a
> > naming convention difference between eCos and linux people?
> Yes. As Srijon saw, the -linux one doesn't work in circumstances the -elf
> one would ;-).
> Really, the thing is that the -linux one will assume things like PIC and
> dynamic linking support, not (normally) the case for eCos.
> Jifl
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yup...thats right.

I went to the redhat website, followed the simple instructions for
compiling arm-elf, and after that the error vanished. 

PS: related to that, can someone explain why the linux kernel now sees
only 16Mb of the 32Mb RAM, on the assabet+neponset.
...For it to see 32Mb, I have to pass it to the kernel in the parameters
as "mem=32M ..."

And thanks, Jesper and Jonathan, for the help.


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