[ECOS] Support for multiple flash types

Doug Fraser dfraser@photuris.com
Wed Nov 28 09:51:00 GMT 2001

Where in fact, our board does support multiple
FLASH types and sizes in production. It is a fact
of life. (AMD and INTEL). The only constraint we
face is that the block size be the same, and that
is not for the low level routines, but for the
high level FFS. We are only supporting 128K blocks.
This itself is also a non issue for the target.
It just prevents the host from having to store
multiple FS images to match the FLASH.


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> As for the FLASH devices, it would seem rare to me that a given
> board design could tolerate massively different device choices.  I
> could see where it might be AMD vs Fujitsu (which are very similar),
> but not AMD vs Intel for example.

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