[ECOS] Should the PowerPC HAL CDL have a "requires CYGPKG_INFRA" clause?

Patrick Doyle wpd@delcomsys.com
Wed Nov 28 07:02:00 GMT 2001

Sorry to followup my own post, but after thinking about this some more, I
have started to wonder if there is an easier/better way to provide
<cyg/infra/cyg_types.h> than including the whole infra package.  So, I could
understand the answer of "We don't want the PowerPC package to require the
use of the infra package.", but then my question would be rephrased as "How
can I reference cyg_types.h without including the infra package?" or,
alternatively, "Is cyg_types.h in the right package?".

I noticed that there is a clause in infra.cdl for a cdl_component named
CYGPKG_INFRA_TYPES that has been commented out.  Did I walk into a work in
progress?  Or is something being phased out?

In the mean time, this is not a show stopper.  By including the infra
package, I can keep going, but I would like to learn a little more about the
philosophy behind the design of eCos for future work.

> I have been porting eCos to a new (PowerPC) platform and, following the
> porting guide, I created a configuration based on the "stubs" template and
> proceeded to remove all of the packages that I thought were unnecessary.
> Since I wanted as simple of a system as possible, I figured I would just
> remove all of the packages except for the minimum HAL related packages:
> % ecosconfig new ts6 stubs
> Since this step worked fine, I proceeded with
> % ecosconfig tree
> % make
> And, (not terribly surprising, in retrospect), the make failed because
> various files were unable to find <cyg/infra/cyg_type.h>.  So, it seems to
> me that there is something in the PowerPC architecture that depends on
> CYGPKG_INFRA (because adding that package back in made the
> problem go away).
> At a minimum, hal/powerpc/arch/current/include/hal_intr.h depends on
> <cyg/infra/cyg_type.h>, there are, very likely, other places as well.
> So, (finally), here is my question:
> Should there be a "requires CYGPKG_INFRA" in the CDL for the PowerPC HAL?
> --wpd

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