[ECOS] DHCP w/ Win2K server?

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Mon Nov 19 02:02:00 GMT 2001

>From the "MS Windows continues to deteriorate" department...

I've had a customer complain that eCos DHCP client doesn't get
a gateway address when used with a Win2K server (WinNT is OK).
I've verified it by capturing network traffic between eCos and
our office's Win2K server: no gateway is sent by the DHCP
server. (Though BOFH claims it is.)

Has anybody else seen this problem?

Is there a setting in the Win2K DHCP server that needs to be
chanaged?  Both the customer and our BOFH claim that their
respective DHCP servers are configured to send gateway

Needless to say, it works fine with Linux...  ;)

Grant Edwards

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