[ECOS] eCos -Jeeni compatibility.

rudra Chaudhury rudra_c@hotmail.com
Fri Nov 16 02:41:00 GMT 2001

I am using Cirrus logic EP7211 board and eCos as my RTOS. Using gdb I am 
able to download code onto my board and execute without using Jeeni, i.e. 
without any hardware debugger support.
When I use Jeeni as between the board and gdb then also I am able to 
download the program. The problem is that I am unable to step in( which is 
possible if I do not use Jeeni), however I am able to put breakpoints and 
able to proceed step by step(i.e. I can do the "next" operation). When I try 
to step inside, instead of going inside the control goes to the next line of 
the code.
for example if I have a sample code:
1. main()
2. {
3.    func_abc();
4.    func_def();
5. }
7. func_abc()
8. {
9.     pqr();
10. }

when I am in line 3 and request for a step in then instead of going to line 
8 it goes to line 4.
I suspect that I need to do some configuration to Jeeni.
On receiving the Jeeni I configured it using:
ejconfig -com1 -i -s -g -c ARM7TDI

Do I need to do some other configurations as well.

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic

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