[ECOS] "really raw" sockets

David Webster dwebster@lanergy.com
Thu Nov 15 04:35:00 GMT 2001

	I need to write some software to communicate with an Ethernet
device using a protocol that's not TCP/IP based. The devices use their
own 802.3 Ethernet Type. Can I use the sockets api to send/receive
Ethernet frames with the required Ethernet type and the (known)
destiniation MAC address of the device? I know there's a RAW socket type
but am I right in thinking this is raw IP frames rather than raw
Ethernet frames?
	If I can't use sockets I'll have to modify the Ethernet driver
(if_ethersubr.c ether_output() and ether_input()) to handle the new
Ethernet type and then call into my own protocol driver? I assume there
is no generic way to add support for additional Ethernet types?  If I
can do this it would obviously be preferable for me to integrate my new
protocol into the sockets api - so my application can use the standard
sockets api to send / receive the protocol - in effect defining a new
sockets protocol family. Can this be done? Can anybody point me at
documentation/information on how to do this?

	Many thanks
		Dave Webster

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