[ECOS] problem in configuring and building ecos for linux synthetic target

john kingsly johnkingsly2000@yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 14 03:57:00 GMT 2001

   I've installed ecos 1.3.1 and have built the intel
x86 development tools for linux synthetic target (in a
pentium m/c on redhat linux 7.1)
  I've also installed the ecos configuration
tool-version 2.
  Using this configuration tool i tried to configure
and build the ecos from source for linux synthetic
target.after selecting the target(linux synthetic )
and template: default, and the required packages
i clicked the build test(or build library) in the
config tool.but its reporting the following error:
   make[1]: i686-pc-linux-gnu-ar : command not found
   make[1]: *** [libtarget.a.stamp] error 127
if you could suggest the workaround for this problem
i'd be happy.

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