[ECOS] mouse interrupt?

li hui lhbyron@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 03:17:00 GMT 2001

Now I try to write a mouse driver for ecos(i386
target).I use 5 as mouse interrupt(just same as
interrupt vector under linux),but it very strange my
interrupt routine(DSR/ISR) doesn't response to the
interrupt. I set breakpoint in my DSR and ISR
routines,and it never reach the breakpoint when I
debug my program.
I wander if I need do some additional work for eCos
interrupt vector?Does I need to write some assemble
Is there any other difference between eCos and linux
mouse driver besides kenerl API?
ps:please you tell me the interrupt vector under eCos
such as com2,timer and so on.
Does ps2 mouse and serial mouse use same interrupt
vector? if not,what are their interrupts?

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