[ECOS] Configuring interrupt on At91 EB40 board

Penell A/S, Ole Krarup ok@penell.com
Mon Nov 12 07:03:00 GMT 2001

I'm trying to set up an interrupt bottom on a evaluation board form Ateml 
(At91 EB40 v 2.0)
On 2001-11-12 the was a note about this subject and it was about changing 
values in hal_platform_ints.h. These changes have been made but without 
I also read a note about checking if CYGPKG_INFRA_DEBUG and 
CYGDBG_USE_ASSERTS was enabled because these might have an effect on how 
the interrupt works while debugging. The only place I can find this handles 
is in assert.h but even if I include this file they still aren't defined. 
 So the question is: are they important for this project if yes how do add 
then to the project or if they aren't what do I need to check/change ?
Developing tools are: eCos configuration tool, Source Navigator 
In use eCos configuration tool this board has been chosen and checked off 
the defaults plus:
Under eCos HAL:
Under HAL interrupt handling:
Allow nested interrupts
Chain all interrupts toghter
Under source-level debugging support:
Include GDB stubs in HAL
Include GDB external break support
Under eCos Kernel:
Under Kernel interrupt handling
Chain interrupts together
To set up the interrupt:

cyg_interrupt_create(FIQ, prioritet, (cyg_addrword_t) 0, isr0, dsr0, 
&intr0, &inttest);
Now I would like a press on the interrupt bottom to send me to isr0() and 
then to dsr0() but nothings happening. What am I missing ?
Best Regards
Ole Krarup

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