[ECOS] add-symbol-file and friends on arm-elf-gdb

Dan Hovang d@wespot.com
Sun Nov 11 02:11:00 GMT 2001


I using arm-elf-gdb 5.0 (Insight, to be more precise) to debug eCos
over a serial line on an ARM7tdmi based ASIC. We have added a
dynamic ELF loader to eCos. Debugging eCos itself is no problem,
but when I want to debug a loaded application I must load the
applications symbol table. The add-symobl-file does not work.
Here is some output:

(gdb) add-symbol-file systest.gdb 0x7cfd3c -readnow
add symbol table from file "systest.gdb" at
        .text_addr = 0x7cfd3c
(y or n) y
Reading symbols from systest.gdb...expanding to full symbols...done.

Everything seems fine. But typing info files does not show the
file; but shows my "sys.elf" which I loaded when starting gdb.

However, if I do "symbol-file systest.gdb" it
gets loaded and everything seems to work even though I did'nt
tell where my .text started. Also, my old symbols are still
around and "info files" gives the same output (stating that my
application file is not there..)

Also, lots of symbols are duplicates in both files but the
symbols in the applicaion "wins" when I access them.

Am I doing it all wrong or are there bugs in gdb?


Dan Hovang   dan@wespot.com   +46 733 451 427
WeSpot AB    Sölvegatan 41    223 70 Lund, Sweden

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