[ECOS] eCos SMSC LAN91C1xx

psheer@icon.co.za psheer@icon.co.za
Sat Nov 10 07:45:00 GMT 2001

Hi there

Is there anyone who has worked with this driver
that i could ask please some questions of?

We are currently trying to get a board going of our
own design. It has an Atmel ARM CPU and an SMSCLAN91C111
chip. The 91C111 chip is supposed to be software
compatable with the 91C1[10]0 chips.

The chip seems to give no output at all (checked
using a scope) with the current driver. Trying some
of the tests from the spec, it seems that writing
to the chips internal RAM (using the POINTER) register
does not work with auto increment set.
We can write to RAM, but only if we explicitly set
the pointer with each write.

We are also unable to set the RCV_BAD bit of the CONTROL
register - it appears as a read-only bit.

Our local SMSC agents don't seem to be able to help.
So I was wondering if you ever had this kind of problem.
Finally, the specs say that the internal PHY is dissabled
by default on reset. This seems odd - does not the 96
version of this chip work without having to access the PHY?

any feedback will be most appreciated.

best wishes


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